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“I just would like to say that I find your reports on Euro dressage truly helpful. Since I read the visualization articles my scores have improved.

I was always having negative thoughts while I was riding the Grand Prix. My mind was thinking about all of my mistakes. All this made me worried and I stopped riding the test. Now I feel more confident and I try to visualize the test riding three days before the show.

I am trying to qualify for the Europeans this summer and it's starting to look more achievable again, thanks to you.
Thank you very much, and please carry on with your writing because I am sure there are more people out there who are benefitting from it.”
“Before I worked with Seana and read her book, I went through a phase where I blanked out every test I rode. I was mortified. After working on her exercises for preparation, execution and recovery, I felt so much more prepared. Since then, I haven't once heard that off course bell ring! I continue to work with her and owe my confidence and relaxed attitude in the show arena to her expertise.”
“For all riders searching for success in dressage, this book is a competitor's roadmap as it will guide students in developing a strong sense of self-awareness, providing useful and practical tools for their improvement in the show arena. Seana‚Äôs coaching is knowledgeable and supportive and those qualities translate into her book. She is so professional and well structured in her plan, but without ever forgetting the human and equine side of the athlete. I can recommend this book to anyone who wants to enjoy the exhilaration of finishing a dressage test and achieving something you have always dreamed of doing.”
“Seana Adamson's book, Memorize That Dressage Test. provides a number of mental exercises, as well as valuable information about how your brain works. You can use the mental exercises anytime and anywhere. If you're a strong analytical thinker, as I am, Seana's book will provide you with fresh ideas on how to approach learning. You'll discover ways to cultivate the gentler more intuitive ("right brain")side of your mind and integrate it with the analytical side. In other words, Seana shows you how to use your whole mind and tap into valuable mental resources you may be neglecting. I was surprised by how cooperative my mind could be after years of right-brain atrophy. I have gained insights about myself that have opened doors to exciting progress in my riding and enriched my daily life. Seana's teaching style is simple and effective. In Memorize That Dressage Test, Seana is contributing to the innovation of the next generation of dressage instructors who are changing the way riders are taught and improving how they learn. This is a reference book that you will consult often and will learn something new from every time.”
“This book is a must read for all serious dressage riders amateurs and pros. It is not just about memorizing a dressage test it is about being as prepared as you can emotionally, physically and mentally before you enter at "A". There are many different exercises to suit each person's way of learning and remembering. This book has helped me tremendously.”
“Seana's expertise, dedication, and enthusiasm are incomparible, and the joy she brings to the sport is evident in all of her students. My experience in the show ring is limited. After recently buying a new, talented warmblood I decided to find the courage to show. Seana's book "Memorize That Dressage Test" has been invaluable to me. I realized that I can not only use these techniques in the show ring, but I also use them in my every day riding. Thanks to Seana, I've been able to confidently learn my dressage tests and smile all the way through them in the ring.”
“Seana's approach has always been spot on, whether working with my young horse, or my FEI horse. Her workbook is more of the same. ”
“Just a note to thank your great articles that are published on the Euro dressage web site!I am trying to bring out a fantastic but super sensitive and difficult young horse, and being a relative novice myself I find the articles extremely helpful. And they always seem to come out right on cue! A big thank you and best regards.”